Dec 19, 2010

The Ultimate Dinner Party

While there has been no shortage of drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, this week's episode took cattiness to a whole new level.

At Camille Grammer's dinner party to end all dinner parties, the jabs were flying and no one was safe from medium Alison DuBois. Yes, the inspiration for the show Medium was the guest of honor at Camille's dinner party (read: hired to make Camille seem sane) and she definitely has a few screws loose. I'm not completely opposed to the idea of mediums, but this lady takes crazy to a whole new level. The way she smokes her electronic cigarette (really?!) and insults my favorite housewife, Kyle Richards, is just not ok. Oh, and Camille's "uh huh" moment about Kyle's friend and former Playboy model, Faye Resnick? Real classy.

I became so engrossed in the drama that I literally wanted to scream at Camille. It took all of my willpower to refrain from yelling at the plastic housewife via my computer screen. I comforted myself by remembering that Camille's husband, Kelsey Grammer, eventually divorces her, proving that the mean girls get what they deserve. 

Enjoy the hilariousness and don't say I didn't warn you. No dinner party will ever live up to this.

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