Jan 30, 2011

All Dolled Up With No Tweets To Go

The Screen Actors Guild caught the social media bug this year and enlisted Angie Harmon as their community manager. The actress and mom of three's official role was supposed to use Twitter to communicate with fans and act as the social media host. Much to our dismay, Angie didn't reveal anything from the show.

The build-up to the awards show was strong. Facebook updates and tweets were being broadcast, but on the big night, Angie was virtually silent. With a backstage pass to all the big names at the awards show, it's disappointing that Angie only managed to post around 10 updates. Unfortunately, most of these updates were about arriving at the show, her dress, or thanking fans.

As the community manager, it was Angie's job to give fans a sneak peek into the action. We should have been privy to insider photos, backstage banter and details not available on our television screens. While I applaud that SAG team for appointing a social media host, I hope that next year's CM manages to fulfill her role.

Side Note: I love Angie's Monique Lhuillier gown. The pale pink works on her skin tone, but the dress would look equally as great in white (wedding!) or nude. 

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