Jan 31, 2011

Angels and Model Behavior

My brain surprises me sometimes. All it takes is a certain word, smell or taste to suddenly bring me back in time. The latest oh ya moment occurred while writing my last blog post. Writing about Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrossio brought me back to the lingerie fashion show when I first heard Akon's Angel. The song, which I didn't love during the live performance, is now one of my favorites.

More random than Akon, the last post also made me remember an old favorite movie of mine. Back in my boyband days, I loved Justin Timberlake and therefore diligently watched everything he was in. The television movie Model Behavior is an example of something I haven't heard of or watched in years, but a simple witty tweet to promote the post brought me back to my Justin obsession. Anyone else see the movie?

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