Jan 29, 2011

Sheen Down, Richards Up

Charlie Sheen's life has been colorful, to say the least. The troubled actor has been celebrated for his talent and criticized for his addictions. Audiences have always loved him and his stage presence has producers clamoring to cast him in their latest ventures. Girls and drugs have always been his vice.

Charlie has engaged in numerous activities that threaten his success. Girls have always flocked to him, but his destructive behavior has ruined all of his relationships. Drugs and prostitutes have always enthralled Charlie, causing his relationships to falter and leaving his children virtually fatherless. Most recently, Charlie's marriages to Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller gained notoriety in the tabloids, with the reporters documenting his every bender.

The latest drama unfolded Thursday, when Charlie was hospitalized for a hernia and supposed overdose. The trouble began after a 36-hour party bender that included cocaine and prostitutes. (Fun Fact: It was Adrienne Maloof and her husband Dr. Paul Nassif of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame who ended up calling 911 on Charlie.)

Within hours of being hospitalized, Charlie's father Martin Sheen and ex-wife Denise Richards arrived at his side to help the troubled star. Most notably, they finally convinced him to enter rehab and get the help he needs. While Martin's support is to be expected, I was most surprised at Denise's involvement. The actress has been vocal about her troubled relationship with Charlie, and despite an ill-fated New York vacation late last year, Denise did not seem to have an ongoing relationship with Charlie. According to a friend, "Denise is heartbroken and fears the day when she gets the call saying Charlie is no longer alive."

I feel for Denise. She has been raising her and Charlie's two daughters, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, while her ex-husband continues to get himself into trouble. Based on the paparazzi pictures and her reality show, it seems obvious that Denise is a loving and attentive mother. And with only her father to rely on for help, it's admirable that she has not gone on record to bash Charlie for his bad parenting skills. While I used to be a bit on the fence about my Denise feelings, her latest show of support for her ex-husband puts her firmly in my "like" category. 

The entire Charlie situation is tragic. Why is it that the talented stars always have the biggest issues to overcome? Are they trying to live up to everyone's expectations of them, or are they just looking for an out? Despite everything Charlie has put his loved ones through, I hope he can finally get the help he needs. A leave of absence from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood may be just what the doctor orders.

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