Jan 18, 2011

An SNL Bar Mitzvah

The best bar mitzvah skits are made by those who actually know what the Jewish tradition entails. The momentous occasion is supposed to represent a boy (or girl) entering manhood (or womanhood), but in recent years the coming of age has been overshadowed by the parties. It's a shame we're only twelve or thirteen when our parents throw us these parties - we can't truly appreciate them until we're much older. From the food, the music, the decor, these parties are spectacular.

Television shows have portrayed bar mitzvah parties as being quite over the top. I'm not denying that they're amazing, but the majority of us do not have celebrity appearances (I wish!). What makes the Saturday Night Live skit so amazing is that many of the Jewish cast members actually understand what they're spoofing. Gwyneth, Andy, even Lorne Michaels - these people get it. Mazel tov!

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