Mar 1, 2011

Miss Dior Takes A Stand

The only thing putting a damper on Natalie Portman's wondrous year is her affiliation with Dior designer John Galliano. The Academy Award winning actress is the face of the Miss Dior Cherie, and has appeared in national advertisements supporting the product. In the wake of Galliano's horrific anti-Semitic rant, Natalie (nee Hershlag) has wisely refused to assocaite herself in any way with the former chief designer.

"I am deeply shocked and disgusted by the video," Natalie said in a statement. "In light of this video, and as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be associated with Mr. Galliano in any way. I hope at the very least, these terrible comments remind us to reflect and act upon combating these still-existing prejudices that are the opposite of all that is beautiful."

Natalie's words only makes me like her more. Her natural grace shined through the statement and helped bring to light just how wrong Galliano is. While the Jewish community has definitely voiced its opinion about the disgraced designer, Natalie's high profile position helps other communities understand just how horrible Galliano is. Kudos to Natalie for standing up what she believes in and to Dior for ridding itself of this scum.

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