Mar 30, 2011

Skyler Morrison

Celebrity stylist and notorious skinny minnie Rachel Zoe gave birth to son Skyler Morrison last week. Rachel officially debuted her son to the Twitter world today, tweeting, "The 2 loves of my life... @rbermanus and Skyler Morrison. My life is complete. xoRZ." Judging by their appearance, it would seem that today is  baby Skylar's bris, but he's not eight days old yet. Can't wait to see what Rachel will wear for that occasion!


  1. You could have left your son whole, he was perfect as he was born. Now you've put him through a torturous procedure that kills more babies each year than choking, and will damage his sexual functioning for the rest of his life.

  2. Sadly, another boy altered for life. Two beautiful people had a beautiful baby boy and decided to make an unbeautiful mistake.

  3. In this time of changes and liberation from the old oppressors and enslavers, the time of the truth shedding Internet that gave us the ability of world wide communication among each other, I just don't understand how any intelligent parent would still listen to those slimy pricks that advocate bris or circumcision - this cruelest, most despicable and most sadistic sex crime so blatantly committed on helpless human children.

    You just put your child through the immense pain and trauma of genital torture and mutilation and it is not just your son that now suffers the consequences of this trauma inflicted upon him. We all are somehow suffering by having to witness such stupid sexual violence that spreads sexual fear and fear of the other in this world.

    What's so complete about your life now? You just made your son incomplete. You just fell into the traps of those evil perverted and sadistic psychopaths that must get off on sticking knives into screaming children’s genitals otherwise they would not be able to do it. They also get off on deceiving you with lies so you would pay them for the torture and mutilation of your beautiful and beloved boy. He will grow into a time where all circumcisers and circ promoters are getting arrested and trialed by awakened and very angry people. We will sentence them for breaking our existing laws against child abuse, for purposely inflicting injuries on children’s genitals, for rape with a knife, for child torture and mutilation and for performing human vivisection on alive children. Your son will ask you why you allowed those psychopathic criminals to cut the most pleasurable, healthy and functional part of his penis off. How can you say you love him and not grant him the most basic human right to have complete and intact genitals, to be whole and unharmed in his body and soul? If you love him, why wouldn’t you grant him to experience all the divine pleasure and satisfaction one can get from intact and complete genitals?


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