Apr 25, 2011

Blind Items

#1. So, when this then A list movie star married this then A list television actress it was a big deal. Heck, even though they have been divorced for years it is stil a big deal. Apparently the reason they rushed the wedding is that our A list television actress refused to have sex with the A list actor until they got married. Bet he did not have that issue with his current partner.

#2. What former A+ lister and now a B list movie actor made his children sign confidentiality agreements so they would not reveal anything about his life, their life, or anything they know. That is a very trusting father.

#3. Two male movie actors in the same family. One is A list, the other B list. The B list actor is married. The A list actor is married. The A list actor has been having sex with the wife of his brother, the B lister forever. No one knew until the other night. Apparently the wife of the B lister got hammered the other night and started arguing with her husband and let that little gem of knowledge out. At a party.

Happy guessing...

(source: CDaN)

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