Apr 15, 2011

#Winning in Toronto

Notice the Toronto Blue Jays shirt?
Is it all an act? Flanked by his goddess, Charlie Sheen made a highly anticipated appearance at MUZIK in Toronto. The controversial actor was in the city to perform his "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option" tour for a sold out crowd at Massey Hall. While reviews were fairly positive compared to past performances, the actor seemed far more lucid in person than he does in interviews.

While the original Charlie Sheen made a name for himself with acting, the 2.0 version has used controversy to boost his popularity. Be it a social media intern search, army mission to recover his trailer or shrine to son Bob's sippy cup, the world has watched the beloved actor unravel before our eyes. Or so we thought...

The Charlie Sheen I saw at MUZIK tonight was lucid. This is a man who understands the business - he knows that publicity will help keep his name in the papers and he knows that a network will eventually be forced to sign him in order to boost ratings. By keeping up this crazy man persona, Charlie is really just showcasing the true breadth of his talent. This man can act. He knows what the audience wants, and he gives it to them.

Regardless of whether or not you're a fan of Charlie Sheen 2.0, it's impossible to ignore the way he has impacted our lives as of late. Aside from being plastered on every magazine, website and news program, his antics have made their way into our daily conversations. Just look at how freely we adopted his hashtags. Is this #winning? I think so.

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