May 17, 2011

Once Upon An Angel

It can be the best of times or the worst of times, but upfront season always has that perfect mix of magic and suspense. As our favorite prime time dramas go into hibernation for the summer, the networks start releasing teasers for their upcoming line-ups. The networks ache to attract viewers by throwing in some familiar faces and recognizable story lines. This season, there are two ABC series that stood out in my mind: Once Upon A Time and Charlie's Angels. 

The title may sound time, but Once Upon A Time is not your average bedtime story. Welcome to a world where fairytales are real. Anna Swan (Jennifer Morrison) is like any other 28-year-old, until she discovers that she's a lost princess destined to save her world from darkness. Co-starring Ginnifer Goodwin, the whimsical series was developed by Adam Horowitz, one of the masterminds behind LOST. Need more? You'll have to tune in for a thrilling twist on our most beloved stories, coming this fall.

The infamous 1970's series is back with more action, more eye candy and more heart than ever before. Enter the world of Charlie's Angels - three ex-bad girls that are earning their wings by busting the bad guys. Starring Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh, the updated angels are just as gorgeous as their predecessors. Judging by the teaser video, producers Leonard Goldberg and Drew Barrymore made sure to include modern touches in their newly minted series. What I want to know is if we'll finally get a peek at the illustrious Charlie. Only time will tell, my darlings. 

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