Jul 3, 2011

Essie Girl

Every season I pick a new shade for my nails. Weekly polish changes are a must when you truly want to show off your new hue. I used to be an OPI fanatic. I alternated between their Miami Beet, Rumples Wiggin and Funny Bunny depending on the season and my skin color. This year, though, I've become an Essie girl.

I discovered Essie's Merino Cool in the fall and wore it obsessively until summer. Now that the sun has finally made regular weekend appearances and I've managed to finally tan my pale skin, it was time to find my perfect summer color. Enter Essie's Borrowed and Blue. The light blue polish is actually part of the company's wedding collection, but I think it's the perfect colour to complement a summer tan. I paired it with my new turquoise studded bracelet from Honey - perfection.

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