Jul 3, 2011

Royal Celebrities

Royal wedding pandemonium is far from over in our home and native land. With Prince William and Duchess Catherine parading around Canada, it's impossible to get their picture-perfect faces out of our heads. Over 1,000 accredited press are following their every move and it's clear that the young royals are living up to everyone's expectations. From greeting fans to planting trees and taking cooking lessons, Will and Kate are showing everyone that they're the new, friendly face of the monarchy.

The celebrity status bestowed among the newlyweds is only increasing with every picture plastered on the internet. Their smiling faces prove to us normal folk that fairy tales do come true (hello Princess Kate!) and that true love does prevail. After all, what young girl didn't dream of becoming a princess with a revered wardrobe? Princess Kate, we bow down to you. 

(Photos via GlobeandMail.com)


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