Sep 14, 2011

Butter Triangle

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Who knew a movie about butter could be so enticing? Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone and Ashley Greene did. The leading ladies walked yellow carpet at the pre-party and the red carpet at last night's Butter premiere. The hilarious film about the high-stakes world of competitive butter carving is a definite must see. The always gracious, and glowingly pregnant, Jennifer Garner told the audience it was her dream to premiere the film at TIFF. Wish granted!

Photo Credit: The A List
The comedic film may have had the audience entranced, but I was focusing on something with a little more drama. Jessica Biel, who is filming in Toronto, made a surprise appearance at Butter to support her friend and Valentine's Day co-star Jennifer Garner. Where's the drama, you might be asking? It has a little something to do with her on-off again boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, and one of his pre and post-Jessica Biel conquests. Justin is rumoured to have cheated on Jessica with Butter star Olivia Wilde. Still following? It's also rumored that the duo hooked up after Justin and Jessica officially split.

Photo Credit: The A List
I understand that Jessica's appearance at the gala was to support Jennifer, but it also seemed a little territorial. Jennifer and Olivia seemed quite friendly, even sitting together at the screening. When the film ended, Jessica rushed to Jennifer's side and exited the two exited the theatre together. No word on if Jessica or Olivia acknowledged each other, but I think it's safe to assume that the JT exes stayed at opposite ends of the room.

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