Sep 1, 2011

More Twists in Real Housewives Suicide

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The suicide of Russell Armstrong has been heavily publicized. The husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor hung himself at a friend's house on August 15. The duo had previously made waves over abuse allegations, an impending divorce and rumours of a secret gay life. While fans could understand the stress Russell was under at the time of his suicide, Taylor believes that there might have been something more serious going on.

Russell's business associate, Alan Schram, shot himself in the head the day after Russell's body was found. The double suicides left Taylor considering turning to the FBI to determine if there was a criminal motivation for the deahts. Russell and Alan were both members of a club of investors who critiqued each other's financial portfolios.

There's no telling what Taylor or the FBI will find, but do you think Russell and Alan were involved in criminal activity?

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