Sep 7, 2011

TIFF 2011: The Flying Machine (Giveaway!)

It's no secret that TIFF is my favourite time of the year in Toronto. The star wattage is at an all time high and I love immersing myself in the world of film. While I'm generally prone to choosing films with guaranteed A-List attendance, I decided to branch out from my comfort zone this year. 

The reason: The Flying Machine. The TIFF film combines 3D stop-motion animation, live action and the music of Frederyk Chopin - a true fantasy adventure. The film stars Heather Graham, who I will be meeting at the premiere, and famed pianist Lang Lang who will be introducing Chopin to new audiences in the modern fairy tale. 

My busy schedule has only allowed me to watch the first thirty minutes of the film, but I'm excited to continue the adventure at TIFF. I'm already blown away by the stunning graphics, music and acting of the stellar cast. After all, what's not to like about Heather Graham and animation?

I also love how the animation portions of the film have no script - they let the music and movements tell the story. It's nice to have the opportunity to enjoy the character development through movement and music - rather than repetitive script. I've also been pleasantly surprised by my admiration for Chopin and Lang Lang - I'm generally not into classical music!

A more in depth review will come next week, but I hope this teaser leaves you wanting more. The wonderful people at BreakThru Films have given me an advance copy of The Flying Machine to share with you A Listers! Details below...

Want to win your own copy of The Flying Machine? Tweet or comment below the following entry:

I'm an A-Lister and I want to win @aglicksman's The Flying Machine giveaway! #TIFF11

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  1. thanks for the opportunity to see this movie

  2. I'm an A-Lister and I want to win @aglicksman's The Flying Machine giveaway! #TIFF11 (

  3. I'm an A-Lister and I want to win @aglicksman's The Flying Machine giveaway! #TIFF11 (


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