Oct 23, 2011


I'm scared of heights. No wait, I take that back. I'm terrified of heights. I hate looking down from my 11th floor condo balcony, I hate airplanes and I've had minor (read: major) freak-outs before zip lining and parasailing. Walking 1,168ft above the ground on the CN Tower's new EdgeWalk attraction doesn't exactly seem like the right activity for me, but I booked, I walked, I conquered. 

I should start thinking my "bright" ideas through before I book them. I got the idea to take my boyfriend EdgeWalking for his birthday and booked the non-refundable activity before fully realizing just how terrifying the experience might be for me. I had a full month to digest the magnitude of my decision, but my nightmares of falling of the CN Tower constantly ruined my sleep. 

The big day finally arrived and it honestly felt like a dream. I spent the 30 minute prep time quadruple checking my harness, remembering that one square meter of fabric can slow down a fall (thanks Dan Brown!) and saying a few prayers. I closed my eyes during the elevator ride up to the top of the pod and when it was my turn, ran out (they made me) onto the edge.

EdgeWalk seems like a distant dream now. The half hour spent walking the perimeter of the CN Tower went by in a flash and it seemed so surreal. It was an out-of-body experience - likely because I never thought I would willingly walk 1,168ft above the ground. I'm still terrified of heights, but I'm thrilled that I actually went through with it. If you're watching the video, I'm the girl with the death grip on the cable trying not to pass out. 

Thinking of EdgeWalking? I suggest waiting until the attraction reopens in the summer. It was pretty chilly up there in October and our guide told us they are going to start offering sunset and twilight walks. Is it enough to get me back on the edge? Unlikely, but we'll see how the rest of the year goes. 

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