Nov 17, 2011

The Big D

Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore are not private people. They made a conscious choice to embrace social media and bare their soles in 140 tweets. They both had very public relationships and are now both going through very public divorces.

While they're both over-sharers on Twitter, it's Kim who is the shameless attention seeker. Since splitting from Kris Humphries, Kim has made a conscious effort to stay in the forefront of the media world. From announcing her divorce on the morning the weeklies close to flying to Australia for a promotional appearance, Kim's heartbreak isn't as apparent as she might want as to think.

Demi, or @mrskutcher, has not played the media game. She's been relatively quiet on Twitter and announced her divorce on Thursday - the day the new weeklies hit the stands. Although the magazines will have lots of time to slot her into their new issues, Demi was smart to wait it out and hope they find another big story before closing the issue. Unlike Kim, Demi doesn't want her divorce plastered on the papers.

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