Jun 26, 2012

Ryan's Got Talent

It's pretty good for an 11-year-old, but I hope Ryan Gosling has since improved his serenading skills.

Eva Mendes is one lucky lady. 


The new film Sellebrity offers a look at how mass media influences entertainment

It's interesting to see how we build people up only to tear them down. I do it - you probably do too. That's what our culture is like now. It's hard to escape the celebrity world, especially now that pop culture influences our news cycle so drastically. Social media allows for instantaneous sharing of information. The world is changing. Get onboard.

Viva Forever!

Posh looks miserable, but this Viva Forever! video from the Spice Girls makes me so happy. 

Jun 3, 2012

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Royal Red

photo via usmagazine.com
The royal family has never been so loved. Riding high on the publicity from Prince William and Kate Middleton's April 2011 nuptials, the royals are back in the spotlight to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee. 

photo via usmagazine.com
While Will and Kate are still arguably the stars of the show, the other royals have still had their time to shine during the celebrations. From Charles and Camilla's Canadian visit to Prince Harry's royal tour, everyone has been doing their best to put the spotlight back on the Queen. 

photo via usmagazine.com
Today, the entire royal clan took part in the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant on the River Thames in London, England. While the Queen looked quite pleased with the turnout, it was still her granddaughter-in-law who stole the show. Kate looked regal in her red Alexander McQueen dress, Sylvia Fletcher hat and signature LK Bennet nude pumps. 

While the Queen may not be thrilled that Kate's stealing the show, she has a lot to thank her for. Kate's helped revitalize the royal family - she's thrust them back into the spotlight and has helped contribute to their reformed image. The royals would be smart to continue to let Kate shine - she's their golden girl. All hail Princess Kate!

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