Apr 22, 2013

Do You Know My Name?

There's no need to pity Reese Witherspoon. Following her arrest on Friday for disorderly conduct, the actress remains high on America's sweetheart list. This is but the second time she's avoided tarnishing her image. That's right, people - Reese Witherspoon had a baby pre-getting hitched to Ryan Phillippe.

I've taken quite the blogging hiatus as of late, but what better reason to reinvigorate The A List than to lament on Reese Witherspoon's uncanny ability to retain her good girl image despite two big blunders. How is it that pop culture lets Reese slide while shunning other celebrities who can't seem to (pardon my French) get their shit together?

It's easy. Even while being arrested for disorderly conduct (and muttering the dreadful, "Do you know who I am?!" to a police officer), Reese is seen as the good girl protecting her husband. Jim Toth (or Mr. Reese Witherspoon, as he is sometimes known) was pulled over for driving under the influence. While being questioned by authorities, Reese pulled out all the stops to prevent her husband from being booked. This tactic clearly failed - and got Reese arrested in the process.

Look at that mugshot. Eyes closed, angelic smile - it's almost hard to believe a police officer would have the audacity to claim Reese was acting disorderly. Oh, and that baby out of wedlock issue from 1999? I'm pretty sure everyone's forgotten about that. With a wedding, new baby photo shoot and a slew of popular acting gigs, it's easy to forget about the pre-marriage baby and remember the good, angelic times.

Lindsay Lohan, Jamie-Lynn Spears and the 16 and Pregnant girls clearly have a lot to learn.

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